Second Opinion

You receive a ‘Second Opinion’ on your Health… Then why not on your Wealth?

  • Do you have a true “risk management” plan for your retirement portfolio to avoid the next market crash?
  • Do you have a plan to ensure that you will have guaranteed lifetime income?
  • Do you have a written retirement income distribution plan?
  • Does your financial advisor have over 22 years of experience providing retirement planning services?
  • What impact will taxes have on your retirement income?
  • How will rising inflation impact your future cash-flow and lifestyle?
  • Do you know the optimal time for you and your spouse to claim your Social Security Benefits?
  • What impact will rising medical costs have on your retirement plan?
  • Are you taking too much risk in your portfolio?
  • Are you taking advantage of Annuities that will seek to protect your portfolio and give you lifetime income streams?
  • Does your financial planner integrate all of these issues into one written comprehensive financial plan?
  • Is your financial advisor a fiduciary who is required to put your interest first and discloses any conflicts of interest?

Get Your Second Opinion

Contact us today, for a second opinion on your retirement and investment strategy.

Second Opinion Meeting Checklist

  • check_circleCompleted Client Profile Questionnaire (Required)
  • check_circleMost recent Brokerage and Investment Statements (IRA’s, 401K, Pensions, Annuities)
  • check_circleMost recent “Earnings Statement” from the Social Security Administration (Available on their Website –
Client Profile Questionnaire
Right Click on the Client Profile Questionnaire to download the pdf, fill out and submit the form to We will review your submission and & follow-up with you shortly.