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The intriguing part of success is that it means such different things to different people. However, just as success encompasses achievement, SuccessOnomics implies the achieving of goals through fiscal competence. The concept of Success combined with Economics is a formidable financial combination.

The authors in this book are successful in different areas, but they all exhibit the components of success: perseverance, passion, planning, risk-taking with a willingness to fail, decision-making and, maybe the most important component of all, they take action.

The authors in this book share their success methodology and mindset. This allows the reader to understand not merely how they think, but, more importantly, how these authors can guide and coach them to a mastery of SuccessOnomics in their own lives.


What will happen if you become mentally incapacitated? Who will make medical decisions for you if you cannot? Who will care for your minor children if you or your spouse cannot? Would you like to financially “incentivize” your children to achieve certain goals? Do you know that your heirs may have to pay state death taxes even if they don’t owe federal estate taxes? As you will learn from Love, Money and Control, estate planning is more than just tax planning; it is a broad field that also encompasses family legacy, financial, retirement, disability, charitable, business succession, and gift planning. Estate planning is a process of planning to maintain control of your own well being and assets and to take care of loved ones, as well as to save money.


Many people fail to properly plan for their retirement and their children’s educational needs because they only focus on the financial part of the equation. However, retirement and education goals should not be determined solely by financial factors. Taking the time to understand your long-term goals that you want to achieve for your retirement and for your children’s education is the beginning of a successful wealth management plan. Do you want to tour the country in an RV, live in a beach house in Tahiti, or move closer to your children and grandchildren after retirement? This book, Living and Learning, will help you answer these and many other questions so that your retirement and your children’s education are built on a strong and enduring foundation.