Our Philosophy


According to the Certified Financial Planning Board (CFP), less than 2/3 of retirees has a written plan. All of our clients have a written retirement-income and financial plan. Do you?


If you only earn 30% of the upside of the market and received zero of the downside, you beat the market. At Reyes Financial Architecture, we take risk management seriously and use unique strategies, in order to protect downside risk, while participating in market gains.


With proper planning and risk management, you are more likely to have the certainty you need to have a prosperous and stress-free retirement.

“First rule of investing, don’t lose money. Second rule of investing, don’t forget rule #1.”
– Warren Buffett

Our 4 Step Process

  • expand_moreStep 1: Begin with a Personal Interview

    At Reyes Financial Architecture, we have three requirements in order to take on a client.

    1. 1. Do we all get along and like each other; which is by far the most important requirement?
    2. 2. Do we believe we can offer significant value to your current financial goals?
    3. 3. And, does our firm’s philosophy match up to what you believe?

    As fiduciaries, our clients’ thinking must to be aligned with ours or it will not be a long-term fit. During our complimentary “Rapport Meeting,” the client and Reyes will at least be able to establish requirement #1. Then we will move on to the “Second Opinion” meeting.

  • expand_moreStep 2: Second-Opinion Meeting

    After gathering all of the necessary documents from a prospective client, the Reyes team will conduct a complete and thorough review of their financial information. During this “Second Opinion” meeting, and based on their review, we will present observations and recommendations. Some of the areas of observations and recommendations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Review of current investment portfolio, access client’s exposure to financial risk and recommendations of active risk-management strategies in order to protect downside market exposure.
    • Review and recommend retirement-income distribution plans, incorporating the maximization of social security.
    • Review and recommend lifetime income streams, in order to alleviate longevity risk.
    • Identify potential tax-planning strategies, in order to protect and optimize the estate.
    • Identify potential asset-protection strategies, in order to protect retirement assets.

    At the conclusion of the “Second Opinion” meeting, you (as a potential client) will have a thorough understanding of the value added at Reyes and if the three (3) requirements are met. Then we move forward toward engagement and welcome you into our family of clients.

  • expand_moreStep 3: Engagement

    Reyes Financial Architecture will become your financial advisory firm, and design and implement the agreed upon plan that helps you reach your financial goals. The implementation phase can take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months, depending on the complexity and amount of items in the plan.

  • expand_moreStep 4: Plan Maintenance

    Quarterly and/or Annual ongoing plan maintenance is conducted by the Reyes team, in order to monitor progress in relation to the plan.

Next Steps

Contact us today, for a complimentary consultation or second opinion on your retirement and investment strategy.

Your Interest is Our Only Concern!

Reyes Financial Architecture is a very different kind of wealth management firm. Unlike traditional banks and brokerage firms, we work only for you and your family focusing on risk management and retirement planning. We are a fiduciary; which means we put your interest ahead of our own.

You have worked hard to accumulate the wealth you have today. You need a firm that can take all of the complexities which come with retirement and integrate them into one comprehensive plan.

Our Mission Statement

To help affluent individuals and families plan, implement and manage every phase of their Pre and Post Retirement life, insuring their “Golden Years” are just that, “Truly Golden”.

  • expand_moreOur Investment Philosophy

    At Reyes, we believe no two investors are alike. Our investment process is client focused. Our motto is, “Winning by not losing!” We base our process on a personalized approach, using multiple strategies. We protect and grow capital by diversifying and investing in strategies that are not reliant on the stock market for returns and protecting investments through insuring against catastrophic loss or hedging. This investment philosophy goes above and beyond typical diversification. Our investment philosophy is designed to protect and grow capital regardless of market conditions, absolute return investing.

  • expand_moreOur Planning Philosophy

    At Reyes, our belief is we can best serve our clients with a collaborative approach to financial planning. We work with other professionals across multiple disciplines—including CPA’s and estate planning attorneys. This approach ensures that your planning is not only implemented, but integrated to insure the very best result. We create a plan that will maximize your income, minimize your taxes and ensure you have the highest quality of retirement life. Our financial planning philosophy is simple: Have no agenda other than that of our clients.

  • expand_moreOur Fiduciary Oath

    As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc. and its advisors, act as fiduciaries to their clients. Our advisors embrace this fiduciary role on behalf of each and every client, and to that end:

    • Our advisors shall exercise their best efforts to act in good faith, and in the best interests of the client.
    • In the instances where conflicts of interest may exist, our advisors shall disclose the conflict that would exist to the client, prior to the commencement of any engagement.

Meet the Team

David Reyesmore_vert

Founder, Chief Financial Architect

David Reyesclose

David Reyes is an investment advisor representative with Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in portfolio risk managed strategies, retirement income distribution planning and social security planning. David works in collaboration with CPAs, attorneys and other money managers to ensure that all planning is not only implemented but also integrated. This collaborative team approach seeks to ensure the highest probability of success.

David has been an advisor for over 20 years and holds multiple licenses and registrations in the financial, real estate, and insurance fields. David is featured in many magazines such as “Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine,” “Boomer Market Advisor,” and is co-author of two books on estate planning and retirement planning. Currently David is working on a new book entitled, “The Little Red Book of Retirement.” David advises many professional and public groups including CPA’s and Attorneys on retirement, taxes, estate planning, and asset protection. David is also the host of “The Retirement Architect Radio” heard every Saturday on 1210 AM KPRZ.

David is a distinguished graduate from UCLA’s Personal Financial Planning program and is a graduate of The Wharton Business School in their Retirement Income Planning Certification program. David has also been named 2015 Advisor of the Year by the National Social Security Association (NSSA) for his advocacy to educate retirees on maximizing their retirement income.

David and Julie have been blessed with three wonderful children, Morgan, Taylor and young David Reyes, III. David’s hobbies include Tennis, Church fellowship and spending time with his family.

Julie Reyesmore_vert

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Julie Reyesclose

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Julie Reyes is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in portfolio risk management strategies, retirement income distribution planning and social security planning. Julie is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive), California Real Estate Broker, a licensed California Insurance Advisor as well as a Series 65 Licensed Financial Advisor.

Julie graduated from Pennsylvania State University with distinguished honors in 1997 and began her career with Price Waterhouse, LLP that year where she became certified as a CPA. After several years working as a CPA, Julie branched off and began working in the financial services field and has worked with David and Reyes Financial Architecture since the firm’s inception. She has been a licensed Independent financial advisor for over 13 years and uses her financial services background and attention to detail expertise to manage the firm and its’ clients in every aspect. She also works in collaboration with David in design financial plans in order help clients minimize their tax liabilities, maximize their cash flow and protect their assets.

Julie and David have been working together for over 15 years and have been blessed with three wonderful children. Julie’s hobbies include healthy cooking, going to the movies, quality time with kids and family vacations.

Deborah Spencer

Operations Associate

Nancy Schuth

Medicare Consultant

Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in portfolio risk managed strategies, retirement income distribution planning and social security planning to individuals, trusts, estates and business owners. Reyes and its’ advisors work in collaboration with other professionals across multiple disciplines including CPA’s and Estate Planning Attorney’s to ensure that all planning is not only implemented but also integrated. This collaborative team approach seeks to ensure the highest probability of success. Our interests are the same as yours – To Protect Wealth, Dreams and Legacies.