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Retirement Planning

Integrated Planning

With over 25 years of experience our service offerings are vast and thorough:

Comprehensive Integrated 
Financial Planning

  • Retirement & Investment Planning
  • Written Retirement Blueprints
  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Collaboration with existing CPA’s and attorney’s

Investment Management

  • Institutional Portfolio Risk Management
  • Principal protection strategies
  • Enhanced Dividend Strategies
  • Stop-Loss Strategies
  • Real Estate Investments

Retirement Planning

  • Income Distribution Planning
  • Social Security
  • Medicare Planning
  • Long Term Care
  • Tax Free Retirement Options
  • Roth Conversion Strategies

Tax Planning

  • Retirement Income Tax Planning
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Required Minimum Distribution Planning
  • Collaboration with existing CPA’s and attorney’s
  • Highly Appreciated Assets (1031 Exchanges, Businesses)
  • IRA Tax Strategies
  • IRA Trusts

Estate Planning

  • Living Trusts
  • IRA Trusts
  • ILIT Trusts
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

Cash Flow Planning

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Streams
  • Yield Producing Investments
  • Required Minimum Distribution Planning
  • Retirement Budget Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Principal Protection Strategies

Do You Have 
A Solid Financial Plan In Place?

Receiving A Second Opinion

Creating and maintaining a sound financial plan involves a detailed review of your entire financial picture and proactive recognition of your needs. At Reyes Financial Architecture, we believe the ability to build wealth is a result of diligent planning.
  • Do you have a true risk management plan for your retirement portfolio to avoid the next market crash?
  • Do you know how much money you can withdraw without ever running out of money?
  • What impact will taxes have on your retirement income?
  • How will rising inflation affect your cash flow?
  • When is the optimal time to take Social Security?
  • What impact will medical costs have on your portfolio and quality of life?
  • Are you taking too much risk in your portfolio?
  • Are there strategies to create predictable income streams?
  • Are there investments that can create tax-free income?
  • What are the financial risks of Long Term Care?

Protecting Your Wealth

It is important that your wealth not only continues to grow, but is protected against market volatility. Our proven cash flow investing philosophy and broad strategy diversification deliver results that provide stability and elevate the overall financial plan.
  • Are your investments generating enough income and cash flow?
  • Is your investment portfolio protected from market volatility through investing in non-correlated assets?
  • Is your insurance positioned as an asset class and integrated with your investment strategy?
  • Have you reviewed loans and mortgages to reduce interest costs and determine whether any may be tax deductible?
  • Have you considered the potential costs of future health care?
  • Is your plan being regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure you’re on track?

Do You Have Access To Investment Opportunities 
Others Do Not?

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