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Don’t Underestimate the Next Recession


It is not if the next recession will happen, it is about when it will happen! David shares his insight about the next recession and ways on how to protect your portfolio. Will you be comfortable loosing part of your capital? If the answer is NO, then don't wait until it is too late. Contact [...]

Don’t Underestimate the Next Recession2019-07-31T18:31:55+00:00

8 Index Funds That Can Make You Rich


Maryalene LaPonsie - July 26, 2019 Invesco S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF (ticker: SPLV) SPLV tracks the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index and is a good choice for conservative investors who are seeking low volatility and great performance, says David Reyes, chief financial architect at San Diego-based Reyes Financial Architecture. “Low volatility as an asset class [...]

8 Index Funds That Can Make You Rich2019-07-29T18:19:36+00:00

Alternative Ways to Earn Yield in Real Estate! – Part 2


Learn How to Invest in Student Housing Special guest: Brian Nelson from NB Private Capital     What if I told you that you could own a property at USC? Make 6% on your money and then sell it down the road and make 50% capital gain? Now, I can’t promise that but, you know [...]

Alternative Ways to Earn Yield in Real Estate! – Part 22019-05-30T20:44:43+00:00

Alternative Ways to Earn Yield in Real Estate! – Part 1


Alternative Ways to Earn Yield in Real Estate   You know, what makes a firm different than another? I think that is a big problem in our industry, kind of everyone seams the same. Whose advisor, retirement planner, wealth manager… And, the reason I use financial architect at our firm it’s because we build plans; [...]

Alternative Ways to Earn Yield in Real Estate! – Part 12019-05-30T20:29:35+00:00

May 2019 – Market Update


Watch David's latest market update!   Hi, this is David Reyes from Reyes Financial Architecture. I felt it was a good time to do a market update. I haven’t done one in a while, the reason being the market has gone pretty much straight up since January. We are up about 14%, we were in [...]

May 2019 – Market Update2019-05-15T20:32:47+00:00

Live In Studio: The Retirement Architect, The Yale Endowment Model


 Check out this video to learn more about the highly successful model David has infused into his planning process What if you could invest your money like a $30 billion institution, like an endowment? This is David Reyes, your Retirement Architect. If you want to reach out to me, it’s 1-800-611-1967. So, we’ve built [...]

Live In Studio: The Retirement Architect, The Yale Endowment Model2019-05-09T21:38:19+00:00

The Reyes Difference – David’s Personal Story


Check out this video to get some insight into David's personal story which lends to the purpose in his passion to help his clients achieve retirement success. Context is always beneficial to ensuring you are matched with the right advisor and David's story brings you just that; a level of understanding to the WHY he [...]

The Reyes Difference – David’s Personal Story2019-03-06T17:07:48+00:00

February 2019 – Market Update


What is happening as we are watching the market shift? The feds are capping rate hikes and the results are stabilizing the market - but are they?   Hi David Reyes here with you. I wanted to give you a market update. It’s been a little while. And I call this the “FOMO market, the [...]

February 2019 – Market Update2019-05-15T20:54:33+00:00