Your Interest is Our Only Concern!

Reyes Financial Architecture is a very different kind of wealth management firm. Unlike traditional banks and brokerage firms, RFA works only for you and your family. We are a fiduciary; which means we put your interest ahead of our own—without any conflicts of interest.

You have worked hard to accumulate the wealth you have today. You need a firm that can take all of the complexities which come with retirement and integrate them into one comprehensive plan.

Our Philosophy


According the Certified Financial Planning Board (CFP), less than 2/3 of retirees has a written plan. All of our clients have a written retirement-income and financial plan. Do you?


“First rule of investing, don’t lose money. Second rule of investing, don’t forget rule #1.”
Warren Buffett

If you only earn 30% of the upside of the market and received zero of the downside, you beat the market. At RFA, we take risk management seriously and use unique strategies, in order to protect downside risk, while participating in market gains.


With proper planning and protection, you can have the certainty you need to have a prosperous and stress-free retirement.

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Honest retirement consultant and financial advisor, proudly serving the San Diego area. If you are looking for the best retirement annuity, the best pension annuity provider, or simply the best certified financial planner, give us a call and found out how we can help. Fiduciary financial broker services and retirement planning can sometimes be overwhelming. We would be happy to assist with 401k rollovers, annuities, or anything else you could be looking for from a qualified financial consultant and retirement advisor. If you are in or around San Diego County or Orange County, California…we are here for you. Give us a call today.

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