Our Process

Our 4 Step Process

Reyes Financial Architecture, nothing is left to chance. Our process is the results of years of planning, testing, tweaking and retesting, to ensure success. While all solutions are unique and custom catered to our client’s needs, the goal is the same; to ensure all areas are identified and the best possible strategy is implemented.

  • expand_moreStep 1: Begin with a Personal Interview

    At Reyes Financial Architecture, we have three requirements in order to take on a client.

    1. 1. Do we all get along and like each other; which is by far the most important requirement.
    2. 2. Do we believe we can offer significant value to your current financial goals?
    3. 3. And, does our firm’s philosophy match up to what you believe?

    As fiduciaries, our clients’ thinking must to be aligned with ours or it will not be a long-term fit. During our complimentary “Rapport Meeting,” the client and Reyes will at least be able to establish requirement #1. Then we will move on to the “Second Opinion” meeting.

  • expand_moreStep 2: Second-Opinion Meeting

    After gathering all of the necessary documents from a prospective client, the Reyes team will conduct a complete and thorough review of their financial information. During this “Second Opinion” meeting, and based on their review, the Reyes team will present Observations and Recommendations. Some of the areas of Observations and Recommendations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Review of current investment portfolio, access client’s exposure to financial risk and recommendations of active risk-management strategies in order to protect downside market exposure.
    • Review and recommend retirement-income distribution plans, incorporating the maximization of social security.
    • Review and recommend lifetime income streams, in order to alleviate longevity risk.
    • Identify potential tax-planning strategies, in order to protect and optimize the estate.
    • Identify potential asset-protection strategies, in order to protect retirement assets.

    At the conclusion of the “Second Opinion” meeting, you (as a potential client) will have a thorough understanding of the value added at Reyes and if the three (3) requirements are met. Then we move forward toward engagement and welcome you into our family of clients.

  • expand_moreStep 3: Engagement

    Reyes Financial Architecture will become your financial advisory firm, and design and implement the agreed upon plan that helps you reach your financial goals. The implementation phase can take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months, depending on the complexity and amount of items in the plan.

  • expand_moreStep 4: Plan Maintenance

    Quarterly and/or Annual ongoing plan maintenance is conducted by Reyes, in order to monitor progress in relation to the plan.

Next Steps

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