The Reyes Difference – David’s Personal Story

Check out this video to get some insight into David's personal story which lends to the purpose in his passion to help his clients achieve retirement success. Context is always beneficial to ensuring you are matched with the right advisor [...]

February 2019 – Market Update

What is happening as we are watching the market shift? The feds are capping rate hikes and the results are stabilizing the market - but are they?   Hi David Reyes here with you. I wanted to give you a [...]

The Reyes Difference – Our 3 Meeting Process

How do you choose an advisor with so many options? The Retirement Architect, David Reyes has been in the industry for over 24 years. This experience has created and developed our signature three meeting process. Our office spends over 15 [...]

Does One Rotten Apple Spoil The Bunch?

  Check out this video to get a better understanding of one of the biggest stocks in the market and what influence it is currently carrying out.   Today I want to talk to you about something unique about a [...]

End of December 2018 – Market Update

  Click the video to watch David Reyes, The Retirement Architect share the latest in the market and how the year is ending for 2018!   Hi, David Reyes here. I thought it was a good time to give you [...]

CASE STUDY: Reducing / Managing Risk     I wanted to give you a market update and maybe talk about some areas where you can help to reduce risk. I was meeting with a client this last week, and we’re moving money from a major [...]

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