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Does One Rotten Apple Spoil The Bunch?


  Check out this video to get a better understanding of one of the biggest stocks in the market and what influence it is currently carrying out.   Today I want to talk to you about something unique about a stock, about Apple. I don’t normally talk stocks individually but, typically, the markets and things [...]

Does One Rotten Apple Spoil The Bunch?2019-05-09T17:01:15+00:00

End of December 2018 – Market Update


  Click the video to watch David Reyes, The Retirement Architect share the latest in the market and how the year is ending for 2018!   Hi, David Reyes here. I thought it was a good time to give you another update on the markets since we’ve had such turmoil in this last week, and [...]

End of December 2018 – Market Update2019-05-15T23:10:54+00:00

CASE STUDY: Reducing / Managing Risk

2019-05-09T17:07:42+00:00     I wanted to give you a market update and maybe talk about some areas where you can help to reduce risk. I was meeting with a client this last week, and we’re moving money from a major brokerage firm. And she called me today because she was all concerned that over the [...]

CASE STUDY: Reducing / Managing Risk2019-05-09T17:07:42+00:00

The Retirement Architect – Have a Truly Diversified Portfolio


  This week's LIVE! in studio recording gives strategic advice and insight on how to Have a Truly Diversified Portfolio. Watch the video or catch the replay at   Listen to The Retirement Architect every Saturday: KPRZ AM 1210 8am & 10am PST KCBQ AM 1170 6am & 2pm PST     What if I told [...]

The Retirement Architect – Have a Truly Diversified Portfolio2019-02-06T21:01:38+00:00

Live! In Studio: The Retirement Architect – Bonds vs Annuities

2019-02-06T21:03:47+00:00 Click the video above to see David Reyes, The Retirement Architect discussing bonds vs. annuities as a strategy for retirement income   Thanks for listening. Been talking about bonds vs. annuities. Bonds or annuities. And it’s actually a really big deal and I don’t want to minimize it. You know, there’s some rudimentary ways [...]

Live! In Studio: The Retirement Architect – Bonds vs Annuities2019-02-06T21:03:47+00:00

November 2018 – Market Update


The Election Results & Their Impact On The Market   Hi Everyone, I just want to reach out to you today and talk about the elections. And how they impact your finances. I don’t know about you last night but I was up till nearly midnight, which is about three hours past my bedtime, trying [...]

November 2018 – Market Update2019-05-15T22:30:07+00:00

Market Update: October 30th 2018

2019-05-09T17:13:26+00:00   Click the video above to get the latest update on today's market!   Today, I want to share with you the market. I don’t talk a lot about the stock market. When I do my workshops and teachings, I do. But I felt it was a really good time to give you my [...]

Market Update: October 30th 20182019-05-09T17:13:26+00:00

The Perfect Annuity

2019-01-31T21:00:35+00:00 Watch the video above to get important updates from David's latest successful retirement creation "The Perfect Annuity" “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and deadly as a hitman.” That was Ronald Reagan in 1980 when he took over the economy, when interests rates were 13-1/2%. During the [...]

The Perfect Annuity2019-01-31T21:00:35+00:00

The Retirement Architect – Inflation Protected Income

2019-01-31T21:00:50+00:00     Click the Video to watch The Retirement Architect, David Reyes discuss the important topic of creating an inflation protected source of income Take a moment to read below to follow along with the show! Imagine you can have a pension. Let’s say you don’t have a pension. Most of you don’t have [...]

The Retirement Architect – Inflation Protected Income2019-01-31T21:00:50+00:00
Julie Reyes

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Julie Reyes is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer with Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in portfolio risk management strategies, retirement income distribution and generational wealth planning. Julie is a Certified Public Accountant (Inactive) and a California Real Estate Broker. She also holds multiple licenses in the insurance and financial services fields. Julie graduated from Pennsylvania State University, with distinguished honors in 1997 and began her career with Price Waterhouse, LLP that year specializing in tax and audit. She became a California Real Estate Broker in 2002. Julie has worked with David and Reyes Financial Architecture since the company’s inception, and uses her financial background and expertise to help a wide range of clients protect their assets, minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their cash flow.

David Reyes

David Reyes is the Founder of Reyes Financial Architecture, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in portfolio risk managed strategies, retirement income distribution planning and social security planning. David works in collaboration with CPA’s, attorneys and other money managers to ensure that all planning is not only implemented but also integrated. This collaborative team approach seeks to ensure the highest probability of success.

David has been an advisor for over 20 years and holds multiple licenses and registrations in the financial, real estate, and insurance fields. David is featured in many magazines such as “Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine,” “Boomer Market Advisor,” and is co-author of four books on estate and retirement planning. David’s latest book “The Little Red Book of Retirement” has recently been released. Currently David is working on a new book entitled, “Momma’s Secret Recipe to a Successful Retirement” with Jack Canfield. David advises many professional and public groups including CPA’s and Attorneys on retirement, taxes, estate planning, and asset protection. David is also the host of “The Retirement Architect Radio” heard every Saturday on 1210 AM KPRZ.

David is a distinguished graduate from UCLA’s Personal Financial Planning program and is a graduate of e Wharton Business School in their Retirement Income Planning Certification program. David has also been named 2015 Advisor of the Year by the National Social Security Association (NSSA) for his advocacy to educate retirees on maximizing their retirement income.

David and Julie have been blessed with three wonderful children, Morgan, Taylor and young David Reyes, III. David’s hobbies include Tennis, Church fellowship and spending time with his family.